Every person is different and it is not easy to predict someone else’s behaviour. Knowing the personality traits is therefore very important for the person in question, but also for the colleagues or the supervisor.

After a thorough analysis of the offer on the market, we have chosen the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) to gain insight into someone’s behaviour.

The Thomas PPA (DISC) answers questions like:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this person?

  • Which communication style does this person use?

  • Is this person a self-starter?

  • What motivates this person?

We were certified in 1998 and have worked with thousands of profiles in the meantime. We may say we have ample expertise to use the profiles for assessment, personal coaching and team workshops.

Apart from the general profiles, a Sales or Leadership Audit can also be provided. A new innovation is a report that extensively maps out someone’s Emotional Intelligence.

Our experience shows that there is a validity of about 85%. In concrete terms, this means that the majority of the people recognize almost everything in the report. That is a solid basis for a conversation about personality and makes “sensitive” themes easier to discuss.

We have also developed a methodology to improve the cooperation and cohesion using the individual profiles in a team workshop.
We compiled the company mission and vision of our company, as well as the actions linked to them, with the assistance of the consultant. The consultant guided us in communicating with the specific target groups. We were able to forge our collection of wild ideas into a usable instrument.
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