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Individual coaching:

After an intake interview, one-on-one coaching sessions are adapted to the intended goals. For example, guidance in drafting an account plan, individual plan of approach for prospecting, “insight selling”.

Field coaching:

By far the most efficient way to get results quickly is a duo visit to multiple customers. A focus that was discussed in advance is analysed immediately after the meeting.


Experience-oriented workshops bring teams to the next level. The methods used (for example Gamification, Lego Serious Play) are based on the new and participatory learning. Assignments are presented in a surprising way and take into account the intended level of insight that you wish to achieve.

Structural changes:

There are cases in which a sales training is not the best way to get better results. On the basis of pragmatic analysis, we give advice on internal structures, procedures or tools that may mean an acceleration. For example, how customer-oriented is your organization, How efficiently do you use customer data (CRM)? What meaningful dashboards can give more insight and enhance your result-orientation? How can a bonus plan stimulate the right behaviour? Is the division of your regions still in line with the changing market?
The consultant took a lot of time and trouble with us. He is very competent and efficient. He is very respectful and listens well, even when it’s a small project like ours. He can sympathize well and knows how to win trust.
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