Our team

Our trainers and consultants are appreciated for their no nonsense and practical approach. They are all professionals who graduated from a university and then gained at least 10 years of experience in a wide variety of sectors. They have one thing in common: a traditional passion to guide you in achieving the desired results.

For international projects, you can count on a network of Zenit Associates all over the world.

Marcel Van der Avert

Marcel Van der Avert studied economic sociology (University of Antwerp) and has operational experience as research assistant, executive consultant, divisional director and company manager.

As managing director of ZENIT, he has over 20 years of experience in supervising strategic projects, change processes, leadership development and coaching groups towards better results. He is an experienced personal coach of CEOs, managers and directors.

Marcel developed three measuring tools that are used internationally to improve the effectiveness of teams and is a lecturer at various management schools.

Marcel is the author of bestselling management books that were translated into English and French.

You can contact Marcel Van der Avert directly:

Email: marcel@zenit.be
Tel.: + 32 (0)475 49 27 96


Reginald Schaumans

In memoriam
1951- 2017

Liesbeth Vermeeren

Liesbeth has extensive experience in administration and project management.

As office manager at ZENIT, Liesbeth is responsible for the professional follow-up of ongoing projects and jobs. She is your contact and you can ask her anything about all aspects of the cooperation. She is the enthusiastic all-rounder who makes sure everything runs smoothly.

You can contact Liesbeth Vermeeren directly:
Email: liesbeth@zenit.be
Tel: +32 3 236 88 66
Tel: +32  495 57 47 84

Els Cammaerts

Els holds a Master in Biology and has worked with IBM, Lenovo and Johnson & Johnson Medical.

She gathered operational experience as Sales Manager, Sales Force Effectiveness Manafer Benelux and Product & Marketing manager. During these functions, Els has been involved in impactful change projects.


You can contact Els Cammaerts directly:
Email: els@zenit.be
Tel: +32 475 55 88 90

Inge Simons

Inge holds a Masters in Business Administration, a degree in Clinical Psychology as well as a postgraduate in Strategic Marketing.

She has close to 20 years of international business experience across different industries. She held senior positions with international responsibility in global corporations, and worked as a member of cabinet for a secretary of state.

Inge is an experienced executive coach and facilitator who works with senior leaders and leadership teams across different industries and geographies.

Inge is a Senior Consultant at Zenit. She coaches Get Results Together change trajects, mainly international. She is a specialist in Leadership development and executive coaching.


You can contact Inge Simons directly:
Email: inge@zenit.be

Tel: +32 3 236 88 66

“Ongeziene Resultaten [Unseen Results] by Marcel Van der Avert is a hardcore textbook for managers who are motived to the core to do better”