Personal Coaching


Powerful coaching interventions improve individual productivity to ensure that people give the best of themselves.

The success of organizations is largely determined by managers and employees who have a strategic impact on the organization. If they do not “feel good” or if a learning process for specific competencies proceeds with difficulty, a group trainings program will not be effective. The process of achieving the required personal changes will be set in motion in an intensive and personal program.

Executive Coaching

The transformation of an organization begins with personal transformation. Studies and literature are in full agreement: if an organization’s leaders do not work on their personal development and growth, there will be no change in the organization neither.

The most successful leaders work to further develop their strengths, but also dare to question themselves. How can I improve? What can I address differently? How can I achieve even better results?

In our executive coaching, we guide CEOs, directors and managers who are open to personal growth. The personal development ensures greater balance and satisfaction but also measurable improvement in the organizational results.


Field Coaching

After an intake interview, one-on-one coaching sessions are adapted to the intended goals.

By far the most efficient way to get results quickly is a duo visit to multiple customers. A focus that was discussed in advance is analysed immediately after the meeting.

Based on a personal profile analysis of the account manager, we also give feedback on ways to respond more flexibly to the personality of the customer.
“As a company, we face major challenges and we need not only tap into new markets, but our employees also have to work as full-fledged entrepreneurs. Based on our values, vision and mission, we have worked with Zenit to anchor a new impetus in our organization. They understand our challenges, are a loyal ally and we are happy with the result. If you want to achieve an Olympic performance, you have to train hard. That is obvious.”
Patrick O CEO Viessmann