Get Results Together

This intensive programme guides a team of managers for four months and inspires you with the most accurate and innovative techniques that are available today.

Ideally, we start with a culture measurement and a clearly defined cultural change. This cultural change is the red thread that runs through the method. A common leadership style is determined – taking into account the desired results – and offers specific advice for the managers.

The basic principle is simple: results are a matter of collaboration. If the collaboration between manager and employees changes as a function of the desired results, the team goal will be achieved.

Mutual responsibility is the cornerstone of our approach. Employees are directly involved in the project and get clear signals about the expectations in terms of ownership, taking initiative, working independently, taking responsibility, engagement, willingness to change, open dialogue, etc.

Feedback Sessions are provided to allow team leaders to have an open dialogue with their employees on how to strengthen the collaboration and cohesion.

The measurement tool ‘Get Results Together’ accurately maps out the collaboration between the manager and his employees.

A concrete project depends on what results you wish to improve.

  • Team results: at least one manager and his team of employees;

  • Department results: a department or division with various teams (with a group of managers and a group of employees);

  • Organizational results: a full organisation with various departments (various groups of managers and various groups of employees).

Team Cohesion

Working together in a team is not always easy. Teambuilding events are interesting to improve the mood and atmosphere in the short term, but it is not a really sustainable solution.

We are advocates of a content team building approach.

This means team sessions in which:

  • mutual expectations are finetuned

  • Strengths of the team are expressed and strengthened

  • Issues are addressed and discussed in an open dialogue

  • Agreements are recorded in a document.


Strategic Workshop

A Strategic Workshop ensures that a Mission & Values are formulated. Either we start from scratch, or the existing Mission and Values are taken as input for this creative process.

Together with the Management Team, we develop a Strategic Business Plan. The aim is to translate this plan into objective and specific expectations for all employees of the organization.


Change Projects

Guiding of change processes

Our role as an external facilitator consists of:

  • Creating the optimal conditions;

  • Asking the right questions at the right time;

  • Stimulating creativity

  • Dealing with resistance

  • Accelerating group dynamics

  • Bringing forward other points of view

  • Ensuring a consensus

  • Drafting a communication plan

I would like to work with them in the future. They’re very professional. The people who work there are very well qualified. It’s a company in harmony with itself.
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