“An inspirational book that does away with the attention for spreadsheets and focuses on processes that are difficult to observe but critical for an organization. Interesting ways of thinking and fascinating cases work as a mirror for every leader. A smooth and mandatory read for everyone who wants to contribute to a healthy and productive organization!”

Prof. Dr. Paul Matthijssens. Dean Antwerp Management School

“Marcel Van der Avert makes it clear that we need to get rid of our classical management thinking and that a paradigm shift is necessary to achieve extraordinary results. The book is easy to read and the sea captain metaphor is masterfully elaborated. As a matter of fact, you cannot wait any longer to pick up the five-step plan with your team!”

Rob Jeursen. Municipality of Amsterdam. Director of Stadsbank van Lening.

“Although I have always paid great attention to the ‘soft’ side of on organization, this book has largely been a true revelation for me and introduces a completely new approach. A clever and innovative book that calls to specific action”.

Eric Noterman. CEO of Moer Group

“A true must-read for every manager: sometimes confronting, sometimes funny but with a great sense of reality. It would be unwise to not share this book with your closest employees.”

Erwin Devriendt. CEO of Groep Solidariteit voor het Gezin

“Although it is scientifically substantiated, this is primarily a practical book about how an organization works and how you can change and especially improve it. The reader is warned: when you start reading the book, you will be overwhelmed by an irresistible compulsion to take action.”

Hugo De Bie. Human Resources Director. DP World Antwerp.

“An interesting story about the underflows in organizations and a real eye-opener! The second Management Radar Screen concept inspires, challenges and activates the reader to get started.”

Marleen Opsteyn, Talent & Organizational Effectiveness. Celanese.

“This book convinces you that consciously dealing with unwritten rules is essential in managing any organization. Thanks to the refreshing variety of substantiated argumentation, striking quotes and recognizable cases, you can easily finish the book in one single run and never get bored.”

Dirk Wouters. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank J. Van Breda & C)

“Employee satisfaction leads to exponential growth and this contagious workbook provides the right insights to take immediate action.”

Dirk Mertens
CEO Groep De Boer
“For over 20 years, I have worked together with Marcel Van der Avert and his team within various companies. When it comes to strategy development and fundamental change, Zenit is a true trendsetter in the market. With their state-of-the-art approach and innovative methods, they have made a significant contribution to sustainable change processes.”
William De Plecker HR Director Realdolmen