“Combining a story with smart insights into management. It is not given to everyone, but Marcel Van der Avert brings this tour de force to a good end so easily. Caution: if you start reading this book, it won’t let you go.”
Prof. dr. Marc Buelens. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

“An interesting and exciting new genre: a management novel combined with a workbook. Deep insight into how leaders build a result-oriented culture.”
Richard Barrett. Author of the international bestseller “Liberating the Corporate Soul”.

“The world is screaming for leaders with vision, inspiration and action. This page-turner provides us with simple but effective methods to achieve the desired results in every organization”.
Lars Hajslund. President JCI. Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

“In a very practical and accessible manner this management book provides the elements you need to win in our global and competitive business world”
Yesuke Saraya. CEO Saraya Co. Japan

“Disarmingly simple but hugely effective! An exellent resource for planning a business development process.”
Gary Leech. Managing partner Leech & Partners. New Zealand. 





They’re perfect on many levels. It’s only logical that you pay for quality, because it’s value for money. One of the positive things about Zenit is that there are no hidden costs, but clear all-in price agreements. There’s no surprise at the end of the project
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