You can prepare change processes as well as you can, you can never be sure how it will turn out eventually.

Once a project is rolling out, it may be hard to keep your finger on the pulse.

  • What is the impact on the target groups?

  • What is their perception?

  • What is the resistance?

  • What do they think of the communication?

  • Are they convinced of the benefits to the organization, their team and themselves?

To provide an objective answer to these questions, ZENIT has developed the CHANGE Index.

At least once a month, people get online access to answer 5 simple questions. On the basis thereof, the management receives a well-organized Dash Board with all key figures.

This way you know how which target groups respond to what decision or action. It is important to keep tabs on the concrete impact on the involvement and motivation. It also becomes clear how much energy is ‘lost’ in resistance and demotivation.

By keeping close tabs, you will be able to respond quickly and steer ongoing projects in the right direction. Also the frequency and nature of the communication can be adjusted flexibly. Experience teaches us that exactly those items are the pain points.
They’re perfect on many levels. It’s only logical that you pay for quality, because it’s value for money. One of the positive things about Zenit is that there are no hidden costs, but clear all-in price agreements. There’s no surprise at the end of the project
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