Implementation businessplan

When the business plan is fully set out, the distance to the current situation becomes clear pretty soon. Together we create an action plan with the processes and structures that needs to changed or modified.

Our expertise is mainly focused on the actual implementation of the cultural change.

  • What is needed to get all the noses in the same direction?

  • How to improve the collaboration between the different departments?

  • How to translate the strategy into the desired behavioural changes?

  • How to change the collaboration across the organisation with a view to the desired results?


Common leadership style

Every organization has (usually rather unconsciously) developed its own leadership style. Employees soon learn that this style differs depending on the division or department where they work. Sometimes the difference in appreciation and sanctioning differs greatly depending on the team in which they work.

There is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ leadership style. If there are ambitious goals, it goes without saying that a common leadership style must be formulated that serves as an accelerator to the results. A consistent way of motivating, steering, coaching, appreciating, rewarding and inspiring that leads to achieving the desired goals.

With our methodology, we sit together with the management to formulate a powerful common leadership style and we coach leaders to apply this consistently. Employees will notice the difference soon.


Ongeschreven regels

Every organization has unwritten rules. These are agreements that have been made about the way of working and communicating with colleagues, executives, suppliers and customers. Although they have not been set out on paper, they are very compelling and determine the behaviour of people throughout the organization.

Some of these rules are in accordance with the mission, values and business plan. However, some of these rules may be in violation of the direction the organization wants to go. In the worst case, they may even work sabotaging. Unwritten rules are often the explanation why certain change processes keep failing, or why results are not achieved.

Zenit has developed its own innovative methodology to unmask these unwritten rules and bringing them out in the open. Using a creative communication plan, the management can make clear which unwritten rules they want to keep and which are unwanted. The Red Flags Audit leads to an analysis of one single page that gives a visual image of the action that need to be prioritized to effectively neutralize the unwritten rules.


HR Advice

Both when it comes to achieving the goals of the business plan and to the desired cultural change, HR processes are of course a very important link.

We can provide advice and support new structural changes: cooperation conversations with employees, performance management, competence management, recruitment processes, etc.

For cases on a project basis, it is also possible that a consultant takes care of the actual implementation.


Internal learning project

ZENIT has over 15 years of experience in coordinating and developing tailor-made internal learning projects for organizations.


  • “Internal Academy”: developing an offer with all the necessary strategic skills for different target groups.

  • “Young Potential Development”: enabling talented employees to grow into executives positions.

  • “Tailor-made leadership development”: guiding and helping managers develop into strong and result-oriented leaders.

  • “Train-the-Trainer”: coach internal trainers on form and content so they are able to develop and provide internal training programmes.

“Developing learning systems”: measurably improving customer orientation in the organization by means of a mix of training, coaching and self-study (with manuals, measuring tools, audio-visual support material, etc.)


Customer-oriented organization

Many organisations talk a lot about the importance of customers and how they do everything to put the customer first. Both customers and employees, however, experience that systems and processers are not always at the service of the customer. Sometimes it even seems that rules and procedures rather serve to make life easier for the internal organization.

After an audit, the goal is to make the entire organization work towards the wishes and needs of the customer and of course, in function of the KPIs promised to the customer.


Internal Communication

Improve the information flow in all directions

ZENIT coordinates a number of actions that lead to a better flow of information about the job, the policy and the changes.

How can we ensure that the goals are interpreted unambiguously by everyone?
How can employees be motivated to communicate information bottom-up?
How can we structurally promote horizontal communication between departments and colleagues?

“When I opted for a radical and structural change in our company in 2013, Zenit turned out to be a perfect partner to map out that course together and also to effectively implement and follow it up in a consistent way. An important achievement of the various projects is the creation of a close-knit team of committed employees who go the extra mile every day to realize our ambitious growth plans. Dealing with the changing environment differently and more consciously has also led to energy boosting dynamics in our organization.”
Dirk Mertens CEO De Boer 4 your roof