Workshops alone will not change an organization instantly. That is obvious. However, the right workshop in the context of a clear plan does make a difference. Our “Get Results Together” method consists of a coherent set of workshops with managers and employees. Strategic workshops provide a consensus on clear goals (what) and the operational plan (how). Change Workshops inform and persuade people to take first steps towards a change process. Team Workshops work on cohesion and the result is that all noses point in the same direction. Not quite superfluous luxury to achieve the desired results.


In the context of the business plan, it is important to refine the strategic competencies. Working on these competencies is an important key towards better results. With Leadership Development, on the other hand, it is possible to develop talent and let people grow. Setting up an internal Academy is therefore a good structural approach. A sales team also needs consistent guidance. Investments in people are sure to yield a return. Whatever your choice, we are your partner to work on it together.


Organizational change does not exist. It is the people who change and therefore, personal transformation is the point of the story. Leaders must set an example and work on their personal growth and development. Here as well, we leave the beaten tracks.


We advise and guide organisations when it comes to changing their culture (way of working with colleagues and customers, engagement, motivation) with a view to the desired ‘hard’ results (revenue, margin, cost savings, error margin, customer satisfaction, etc.).

Measurement Tools

The numbers tell the tale. A business plan requires change. In order to change, it is necessary to know what the current situation is. We support your ambitions with state-of-the-art measuring tools.
“For over 20 years, I have worked together with Marcel Van der Avert and his team within various companies. When it comes to strategy development and fundamental change, Zenit is a true trendsetter in the market. With their state-of-the-art approach and innovative methods, they have made a significant contribution to sustainable change processes.”
William De Plecker HR Director Realdolmen