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How willing to change is your sales assistant? How strategically can he think? To what extent do his empathic skills enable him to move through his customers’ network like a chameleon? How about his result-oriented approach to fulfilling the organization’s future perspective? Is he strong enough to have a conversation with a CEO at a strategic level?

The answers to these questions are not only crucial during a growth process but also in the preparation of a development plan for people who want to bring your business of tomorrow to the top and/or keep it there.

A combination of measuring tools, field observations and an in-depth conversation give a crystal-clear picture of the capacities and attitude of your sales people. The output report also formulated advice for coaching and further result-oriented action points.
The consultant took a lot of time and trouble with us. He is very competent and efficient. He is very respectful and listens well, even when it’s a small project like ours. He can sympathize well and knows how to win trust.
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