At the end of 1995 the European Commission approved the transfer of expertise according to the CEDEO method under the auspices of the Leonardo da Vinci programme.

The basis of the auditing method Q*For is as follows: the method controls the quality of service provision at educational institutions by means of a detailed list of questions, a telephone survey of customer satisfaction among the clients of the institute and a visit to the institute.

The following were the quality criteria:

  • An average of 80% of their clients should reply in terms such as ‘satisfactory’ or ‘very satisfactory’ to the various items raised by the customer satisfaction survey.

  • The institute should satisfy norms with regard to continuity and company focus.

  • The institute should be operating professionally.

In 2002, Zenit was awarded the Q*For Label. The certificate was renewed in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014. The full Q*For audit report will be sent to you if you ask us to.

Through the SME portfolio, small and medium-sized companies apply for up to 40% subsidies at Agentschap Ondernemen [Enterprise Flanders] for training and advice purchased from Zenit.

The recognition as a service provider is based on the quality of the activities (Qfor), experience, customer satisfaction, integrity and, of course, also the knowledge of the new standard. Zenit successfully obtained the certificate in 2014. Until 2019, we are recognized as a service provider of the SME portfolio for the Training and Advice sections.

Our approval number for advice: DVA105731
Our approval number for training: DVO105730

For more information about subsidy applications through the SME portfolio, click here.
“When I opted for a radical and structural change in our company in 2013, Zenit turned out to be a perfect partner to map out that course together and also to effectively implement and follow it up in a consistent way. An important achievement of the various projects is the creation of a close-knit team of committed employees who go the extra mile every day to realize our ambitious growth plans. Dealing with the changing environment differently and more consciously has also led to energy boosting dynamics in our organization.”
Dirk Mertens CEO De Boer 4 your roof