The Measuring Tool Get Results Together is used to improve the results of teams.
The basic principle is simple: results are a matter of working together. When the way a manager and his or her employees work together is changed in relation to the desired results, the team goals will be realized.

The Results! Measuring Tool was developed under the direction of Marcel Van der Avert and introduced to the international market during a workshop at the ASTD congress (American Society for Training and Development) in 2001 in New Orleans (USA). It has been successfully used in Belgium and the Netherlands in companies and government organizations to improve organizational goal definitions (AXA Group, Ministry of the Flemish Community, Cortal Consors, Celanese, Van Breda International, Unil Belgium, the council of Kortrijk, among others).

The Results! Measuring Tool © helps to precisely map the ways you and your employees work together.

  • Using a list of questions for yourself and your employees, we get insight into the ways your team works together and compile a personal report.

  • You will find the acupuncture points in your report: concrete recommendations and tips on adjustments to your policy and the way your team works together, so that better results can really be achieved.

  • Employees also receive clear signals to improve their way of working. Their own sense of responsibility in the change process is strongly emphasized.

Questions the Measuring Tool answers:

  • How can we achieve the required team results?

  • How can we improve productivity by a drastic change in the way we work together?

  • How can achieve measurable improvements in a short time?

  • In what ways can open communication and dialogue contribute to better results?

  • How can we work with more of a sense of mutual responsibility in our team?

  • What exactly must managers do to improve the motivation and commitment of their employees?

How and when is the Measuring Tool mostly used?

  • As part of the change process. Changing the way of working together is the lever by which sustained changes and better results are achieved.

  • In performance coaching for managers.

  • In a management and leadership program to accurately map the critical competencies of department heads and colleagues.
    As input for dialogue sessions with colleagues. During the session an action plan is compiled for improving the way of working together and the results.

  • During a team building session, to confront the group with their present ways of working together and communicating.

Zenit has guided us through the process of compiling a strategic plan and when we translated it on to all our colleagues. The various sessions with management and employees together have drastically altered our way of working together. In recent years we have significantly improved our turnover and profit margin, as well as our levels of customer and employee satisfaction.
Peter Van den Eynde CEO Wijngaard Natie