Cover boek Ongeziene resultaten

Only available in Dutch.

You want extraordinary and sustainable results? If you continue to do what you do today, you will get the same results tomorrow. In this book, Marcel Van der Avert shows you how things can be done differently. Do not focus your attention only on the classic key figures and approach, but also keep an eye and ear open for the hidden processes that can help you fulfil your ambitions. This book illustrates how the neutralization of unwritten rules, limiting values and restrictive beliefs work as result accelerators. Also alternative methods of collaboration between managers and employees lead to unseen, positive effects. At the heart of this book, you will find immediately applicable methods that lead to concrete results in each team or organization.

Trailer Unseen Results [Ongeziene Resultaten]

Zenit has guided us through the process of compiling a strategic plan and when we translated it on to all our colleagues. The various sessions with management and employees together have drastically altered our way of working together. In recent years we have significantly improved our turnover and profit margin, as well as our levels of customer and employee satisfaction.
Peter Van den Eynde CEO Wijngaard Natie