Strategische Competenties

We are convinced that training can only deliver measurable and sustained results when the effort necessary to achieve them is put in a wider context.

In the first place training is about improving competencies. The competencies of colleagues (knowledge, skills and attitudes) are necessary because employees can contribute to the concretization of the mission and the achievement of strategic goals.

Training can achieve a lever effect for the required results when strategic competencies are kept in mind. Strategic competencies are the areas where measurable results can be achieved in the short term. They are the acupuncture points where the best results can be achieved.

Every organization has different strategic competencies and they can also change according to circumstances (market, management, restructuring). It is therefore essential to identify strategic competencies in an education plan.



ZENIT ZENIT is specialized in 8 competency areas:

  • Leadership & management skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Time Management

  • Conflict management

  • Client-focused thinking and behavior

  • Results-oriented negotiation (internal and external)

  • Strategic account management

  • Train the trainer

Leadership development

As a function of the business plan, we can develop a tailor-made programme with strategic management and leadership skills.

This may take the form of an In-Company Academy with result-oriented assignments and projects. Internal coaches can provide assistance and support.


Sales Competenties

If your sales team lacks certain competencies, then you will soon notice this in the results.

Both for junior teams as well as for the most experienced sales people who already achieve excellent results, it is very important to hold up a mirror regularly. We inspire them with classical techniques that do work, but also with innovative insights and methods.

We develop a tailor-made performing guidance programme with measurable improvements as a result.
They’re perfect on many levels. It’s only logical that you pay for quality, because it’s value for money. One of the positive things about Zenit is that there are no hidden costs, but clear all-in price agreements. There’s no surprise at the end of the project
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