Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence
makes all the difference in your organization


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the distinguishing characteristic of successful collaboration with employees, colleagues and customers.

It promotes better performance, collaboration, customer relations, leadership and stress management. Therefore, developing and integrating EQ into your organization has significant benefits for employees, colleagues and leaders.


Our approach:

  • Individual coaching program of three sessions:

On the basis of a personal online questionnaire, the coachee first gains more insight into his or her scores in the various sub areas of EQ; self-control, emotionality, sociability and well-being. Based on these results and the coachee's goals, together we fill in targeted sessions with relevant practical cases, exercises and tips.


  • Workshop with group:

This group can be executives, employees with their supervisor or a job-oriented team (sales, customer care...). First we make the participants aware of the different sub-areas of EQ. Then we inspire them with tips, cases and experiences on how to develop EQ even better. Finally, we activate them around this theme by drawing up a personal action plan.


Download our free EQ workbook with tips and an action plan below.