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Optimal Ownership:
"going the extra mile" mindset embedding


Optimal ownership improves:

  • Organization involvement and connectedness
  • Job satisfaction
  • 'Going the extra mile' mindset
  • Employee well-being (reduced stress and burnout)
  • Productivity and effective autonomous working
  • Clarity about responsibilities


How to work in one team with his supervisor?

  • Intake interview
  • Ownership Game is customized
  • Action point workshop on alignment of expectations
  • Follow up on action items


How to optimally embed opwnership in your business unit, department or organization?

  • Measuring Instrument Ownership with an online survey.
  • Management Workshop: evaluating results according to your strategic priorities
  • Tailoring Ownership Game per team
  • Game Team sessions with action items on optimal ownership in achieving desired team goals.
  • Follow up & anchor action items for team leader and staff.


Request a demo!

  • Wondering how our Ownership Game works and what it can do for your team?
  • Request now an in-company demo of 1.5h with minimum 4 and max 12 people.During this demo we will show you how game elements change the dynamics within your organization.
  • Result: more organizational commitment, 'Going the extra mile' mindset in the teams and boost in productivity

Interview with Voka on Ownership

Interview with Channel Z on Ownership