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Zenit guides organizations to better results by increasing motivation, engagement, creativity and productivity.


A strategic plan is indispensable for any organization, but often becomes a paper tiger and fails to really live in the organization.

Cultural Change

For organizations with some maturity, culture (way of cooperating, engagement, motivation) is the most important factor in the competitive landscape.

Innovative Leadership

Classical organisational forms are challenged to evolve towards more self-control, mutual responsibility and authentic dialogue. Staying safely within the familiar chalk lines of the known leadership approach is not the solution.

Sales Performance

Most business plans eventually end up at the table of the sales team. New customers must be persuaded and the existing one must be drastically optimized. It either happens or it doesn’t. Here too, classic techniques and tricks don’t cut it anymore. Keep doing the same thing is not the solution.
They’re perfect on many levels. It’s only logical that you pay for quality, because it’s value for money. One of the positive things about Zenit is that there are no hidden costs, but clear all-in price agreements. There’s no surprise at the end of the project
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