Classical organisational forms are challenged to evolve towards more self-control, mutual responsibility and authentic dialogue. Staying safely within the familiar chalk lines of the known leadership approach is not the solution.

Consciously go for “Get Results Together”, an innovative method in which a common leadership style, based on strategic priorities, creates a new way of collaborating.

A viral ‘infection’ spreads in all directions and ensures that everyone contributes to the results. Creating a culture of ownership is key in this process.

This way, you come full circle.



We guide teams and organisations in the measurable improvement of both the results and the organizational culture (way of collaborating and communicating).

The basic principle of the "Get Results Together" method is simple: results are a matter of collaboration: both between managers and employees but also between all employees and teams in the network of the entire organization.

If you have a specific question, Leadership Development is also an important factor in improving the performance of leaders.


“The book “Resultaten! [Results!] has started to lead its own life: sales go like a train and quite a few companies use the story and working method described in it to enhance the efficiency of their own organization.”